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The Kasey Childers - Living Your Season

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My first time feeling "famous" was when the ever-so lovely @shewalksintruth host Carrie Robaina interviewed me on her podcast (yes- ya girl is on iTunes!). It was so refreshing talking to another woman of faith who lives a life fearless and willing to move when God says MOVE!
You can check out the podcast through the | |

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B.A.R.E Truth Homeless Outreach Drive

From Monique De Leon  -  Hey guys! I wanted to make you aware of an Outreach that is happening next Saturday! If it's been on your heart, or if you have a desire to help the homeless this is a perfect ministry to get involved with! Or even if you can't go but you want to donate items please contact  @official_bare_truth Joe he will gladly receive any items you can donate but he really needs volunteers as well to help pass out those items for next Saturday. All the info is on the flyer. Thanks! 😁

Pastor John Hagee: God will not judge you in eternity for what others do wrong to you

From Pastor John Hagee -  God will not judge you in eternity for what others do wrong to you. But He will judge you for what you do right. People are unreasonable and illogical. Do not waver in doing good just because people are against you. Continue to work hard and give all the glory to the King.