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Laurie Idahosa: My son Judah asked me this morning what makes a "room"

From Laurie Idahosa  -  My son Judah asked me this morning what makes a "room." I began to explain to him about boundaries, walls and doors. We talked about how we have rooms in our homes becuase there are parts that have different functions; that require higher levels of privacy and others that can be open for everyone. We talked about how every room has a function (kitchen, parlor, bedroom, bathroom, etc).
This made me also think about our lives and how boundaries are there to protect us and to give us definition. Many of us have lived with too few boundaries and thus we are being hurt, all too often. Some of us have doors where there ought to be walls, some of us have things in our "rooms" that were never intended to be there.  Maybe, this week is a good week to "clean your rooms" and define your boundaries.
Psalm 147:14a ESV
"He makes peace in your borders..."
When unproductive people walk out of your life, don't chase them. Rather, thank God for freeing up space in your world for you to pursue and discover purpose.
Let me add to this... don't chase them and also don't allow them to manipulate their way back into your close circle. 'Fair weather friends" and "users" have their place, but, its not within your inner sphere. As we go into the new year, be grateful for the changes you once cried over. They are working for your good. .

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