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Alisa Turner: So 2018, We’re Ready For You

From Alisa Turner  -  Happiest of New Year to you Friends ❤️ We're a number of days into it, I'd imagine you're settling back into the routines of a life so busy. Many of you have made goals big and small. Many of you await with wonder and hope of what the new year might bring. Don't think on it to much, God is still writing away your story, year in year out. His attention to detail is immaculate. His joy in meeting your needs is like nothing else.  Whatever may come and whatever may go, He will be your constant. Never to leave, always and only to love. And I'll be here too, in your corner, cheering you onward πŸŽ‰ Go big or go home, right?! So 2018, we're ready for you😘