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I Will Sow A Private Jet Into The Life Of The Gospel Musician Who Tours & Wins The Most Souls This Year

From Pastor Alfred -  I'm Pressed On The Inside To STRETCH My FAITH.

Why I'm sowing this seed:

1) So that God would give me more private planes. I'm sowing this seed because I want God to make Gospel Music Tours the owner of the largest private fleet in the world. So that I can fly Gospel Music Artists around the world in private aircrafts with comfort and convenience. I want to create an established system that would give every Gospel Musician in the world no matter how popular they are (as long as they are talented and they love Jesus), the opportunity to minister the gospel with their talents as long as there is an Altar Call given at the end of every performance.

2) I want God to make me the #1 manufacturer of vehicles that move on Land, On Snow, In the Air, On Water & Underneath Water.

3) I want God to give me the largest Transportation Companies on Land, On Snow, In the Air, On Water & Underneath Water.

4) I want God to Surprise Me with things I didn't ask for.

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