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Pastor Alfred: Why I Am Going To Buy A Gospel Musician A Free Home Every Year Until The Rapture

From Pastor Alfred - 

It Is A Seed.

   I want my companies to own the best estates around the world. I want Gospel Music Estates & Gospel Music Villa to buy, build, and manage the best out of this world estates this world has ever seen and this world would ever see. 
I want Gospel Music Villa, Gospel Music Estates, Gospel Music Parks & Gospel Music City to swallow the face of the earth with Holy Ghost Beauty; the Seas included. 

   Some people want to colonize Mars and they want to colonize other planets (and that is good as long as you're not using Tax Payer funds to do it). I would love my companies to build estates on other planets as long as we can create sustainable portable capsule cities that can sustain the conditions to support human life and then take those capsules to other planets.

   If such an endevour can benefit man I would like my companies to do it first before Mr. Elon Musk (@elonmusk) or Mr. Jeff Bezos (@amazon), in other to glorify God that it was a Christian who did it first and he established CHRISTIANITY as THE CONSTITUTION of Mars and other Planets. 

   When the Bible speaks of the whole world. It actually uses the word "Comos" which refers to every physical domicile that was created. That includes planets we know about and planets we don't know about. Planet Earth wasn't named Planet Earth back then. So when you read the bible and you the word "Earth" what was actually used there was a word that refers to every abode that was created. 

   Well, it is nice to dominate every known Planet, discover new ones and then dominate them.  
However, man has not finished dominating the Earth. 

The Alantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Indian Ocean, The Artic Ocean, & The Southern Ocean are ALL WASTED Real Estate. 
Man has dominated the Land to a degree but Man has not even taught to think of dominating the Seas.
   They think the Seas are for Transit.
    No, the Seas are Real Estate. Currently wasted Real Estate.

   All the Great Lakes & Rivers of the world are so Greatly wasted Real Estate. 

   I want Gospel Music Villa, Gospel Music Estates, & Gospel Music City to build and manage Full Fledged Cities underneath the Oceans of the world. 
   Some talk about The Lost City Of Atlantis as the stuff of Legends. 
   No, I am cut from a different cloth than them. I am a Child Of God.
    I don't want to make movies about Atlantis, I want to build and manage Atlantis.
    A Christian Atlantis and more in every Ocean, Lake, and major River in the World. 
    No it won't be named after Atlantis. All the cites I would build in the Seas would be named with names that Glorifies God.
   They would be established on principles that Glorify God.
   They would be led and guided by the principles of the Kingdom Of God.

   All the Deserts Of The World are also wasted Real Estate. 

   Wasted Land just waiting for cities to be built on them.  
    I would build on them. I would build on them. 
    I repeat a third time,  I would build on them. 

    They are just sitting there waiting for Gospel Music City to build a City on them.

     I would build on them. I would answer their call. I would build Mind Blowing Cites on them. 

    There is so much wasted Real Estate in this world. So much wasted treasures we over look while we rush after Glittering Pursuits.

   Michelangelo Said I See An Angel In The Stone.

   There are countries yet to be discovered because they have not yet been build lying across the bottom of all the Oceans in the world.

    There are Homes, Factories, Schools, Hotels, Theme Parks, Museums and so much more lying across the bottom of the Ocean but we haven't looked there yet  only because they haven't been built yet. 

    The Gospel Music Group Of Companies would build them. 

    This opens a door for me to build and own my own country from nothing and be the sole Monarch and Ruler of my own country.
   I want to be the Permanent King & Ruler of my own country or countries before I leave this earth and go to heaven (where I would also rule and reign with Christ).

   I want to be the Monarch of my own Nation or Group Of Nations, and I want to be a Monarch Of Peace.
   I want no currently existing nation to see that I am actually building my own Nation or series of Countries that would be more powerful than theirs. Yet I want none of them to pose a threat in stopping me or take actions that would result in the spilling of blood because of their ignorance and short sightedness.

   Only the Hand Of God can make this happen.

    Why am I sowing this seed.

    Why am I buying a Gospel Musician an extremely luxurious home every single year until the Rapture. 
    Now you know why.

    I want something that only God can give.
    And I want it before the Rapture of church even though we are already in the Last Days.

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