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Bishop Feb Idahosa: God Is Not Only A Miracle - Working God; He Is Also A Question - Answering God

From Pastor Laurie Idahosa  -  I have never understood the doctrine which says that we are not to ask God Why. .
He is a loving Father. He gave us His Word to train us, equip us, empower us, correct us, guide us, rebuke us, encourage us, deliver us, heal us... and the list goes on.
He gave us His Holy Spirit to teach us, comfort us, to build us up and so much more.
Why then, would this great God who loves and provides for us say that when you go through dark seasons and have painful, harrowing experiences that you should not ask Him why? Is it like God to turn His back, withold His words and tell us to just accept His sovereignty, swallow the angst and move on??? That belief is contrary to His nature.
He has given us the spirit of wisdom and understanding. When you ask Him, He will reveal to you the purpose in your pain. You will struggle greatly with the WHY until you see it from His eternal perspective and receive His peace. He is a good God. He doesn't leave us comfortless. 
#why #purposeinpain #mycondolencestotheTRPfamily .
Thank you honey Bishop Feb Idahosa for rushing to PH to be by their side. You are a great leader and an exceptional man.  

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